Ty van den Akker


14 May: 3 Reasons the Back Office Needs Mobile GIS

Field GIS done well improves the bottom line.  It improves data quality and worker productivity in the back office as well as for field users. Following-up to my popular post Maintenance Crews Need Mobile GIS that focused on how field crews benefit from mobile GIS, this article looks at how the organization - management, IT, and back office processes - benefit from mobile GIS.

26 Apr: Maintenance Crews Need Mobile GIS

More properly, they need the information and visuals from GIS to do their job faster, safer and more accurately. Past concerns of device capabilities, connectivity, and usability of mobile GIS have been solved, so let's take a minute to look at how field teams benefit from integrated mobile GIS capabilities.

31 May: Critigen Announces Lemur for iPad

Critigen is pleased to announce general availability of Lemur for use on Apple iOS devices including the iPad.  Lemur is a geoenrichment platform that unifies the information in your asset management system with essential location information and asset information from your corporate GIS. The Lemur Platform allows field teams to complete work management workflows entirely from an Esri GIS map integrated into their Work Management app.

01 Mar: US Water and Gas Utility Selects Lemur™ to Deliver GIS Asset Data and Location to Mobile Work Teams

Critigen, the global leader in unifying GIS and SAP data, today announced Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha (M.U.D.) as the newest subscriber to its Lemur™ SaaS Platform.  Offline access to data in the enterprise GIS will ensure M.U.D.’s field crews can access essential engineering and location information in the event of emergency, and in network dead zones, while reducing cellular data costs.

31 Jan: Lemur for GIS Mapping in SAP Work Manager

Critigen’s recently announced LEMUR platform for mapping in mobile apps provides great value for SAP Work Manager users and for the IT departments that support them.  LEMUR provides the ultimate solution for discerning customers to deliver a high-fidelity, interactive GIS mapping experience to their field users.  LEMUR automatically connects the asset data stored in GIS to the related asset data stored in SAP.

13 Sep: Critigen’s GEO.e Readiness Assessment

Imagine bringing location awareness to SAP applications and enabling business users to start processes, visualize, filter and search for objects on a map. SAP GEO.e is an Engineered Service provided by SAP and it stands for the GEOgraphical Enablement of SAP. The service provides for spatially-enabled business processes in SAP Business Suite with seamless integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).