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Dynamic Leaders Creating Dynamic Teams

Project excellence at Critigen is driven by the quality teams we field. Our technical and industry leaders collaborate to bring innovative solutions to our clients, leveraging the best of our world-class IT infrastructure, geospatial expertise and IT talent. Critigen’s size allows us to deliver the technical depth and industry-specific expertise required by complex IT and geospatial projects. All our services come packaged with elite project management skill and support from an experienced management team dedicated to making your business successful.

Corporate Leaders

  • Jeff Haight
    Jeff Haight
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Stan-Trim
    Stan Trim
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Nikki Browning
    Nikki Browning
    Director of Human Resources
  • Tom Turchioe
    Tom Turchioe
    Chief Technology Officer

Sales & Marketing Leaders

  • Ed Riegelmann
    Ed Riegelmann
    Federal & Defense
  • Ty van den Akker, AEC Solutions
    Ty van den Akker
    AEC Solutions
  • Dianna Herbst, Marketing
    Dianna Herbst

Technical Leaders

  • Brian Cullis, Spatial Enterprise & GIS
    Brian Cullis
    Spatial Enterprise & GIS
  • Eric Phillips, Software Development
    Eric Phillips
    Software Development
  • Jaime Crawford, Vice President and Director of Geospatial Systems Integration
    Jaime Crawford
    VP & Director of Geospatial Systems Integration
  • Vito D'Aurora, Environmental Data Management
    Vito D'Aurora
    Environmental Data Management