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Shannon McElvaney

Director of Business Development

Shannon McElvaney, Director of Business Development

Shannon McElvaney is a Business Development Director at Critigen, where he focuses on corporate strategy, partner programs, product development, marketing and sales. Mr. McElvaney specializes in listening to client business challenges and identifying how geospatial technologies can improve business outcomes. Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge in smart city planning and development to enable people to design, build and maintain sustainable and resilient communities.

Mr. McElvaney has more than 23 years of experience applying a broad range of geospatial technologies across numerous industries including planning, utilities, transportation, natural resources, and renewable energy. Shannon has written many articles on the use of geospatial technology and is the author of the book Geodesign: Case Studies in Regional and Urban Planning. In addition to writing, Mr. McElvaney is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops around the world.