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IT Departments, Where Did Your Business Focus Go?

Focusing and reaching business goals and objectives is key to business growth and survival.  Resources and staff need to be working to execute business goals.  Continuing to support an IT infrastructure is now conceded to be a poor utilization of business resources.   Many organizations today have realized owning IT infrastructure results in unnecessarily high costs, both in terms of personnel and hardware.   Justified IT purchases made in the past now don’t look as good.  Perhaps the highest impact of all is to have IT staff focused on infrastructure operations rather than on attaining business objectives.

Many IT organizations are struggling to regain this “laser focus” on business objectives.  One way to reacquire this focus is to eliminate the issues keeping them from accomplishing vital business objectives.  In the 2013 Global IT Leadership Report from Savvis, CIO’s surveyed said IT outsourcing makes sense and could save 26 percent of their IT budget and stop wasting up to 60 percent of their resources.  

IT outsourcing from Critigen Managed Services

By outsourcing IT tasks, according to the survey, IT staff could focus on increasing collaboration, gaining efficiencies and working on activities that could provide a competitive advantage. In addition, outsourcing would resolve many IT staff shortage situations.  IT outsourcing also provides cost predictability with fixed monthly fee arrangements.

Organizations are now rapidly embracing the concept of “cloud services” as a much more attractive alternative to owning and servicing their own IT infrastructures as cloud-based managed IT service offerings are more “mature.”

Reduce operating costs and quit wasting resources and at the same time reacquire a “laser focus” on business objectives by outsourcing your Information Technology activities.  Give us a call at Critigen Managed Services and we can show how our “step-by-step” approach can liberate IT staff from day-to-day tasks.  

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So the goal is to define how IT brings distinction to your business and outsource the rest? How do you determine how to parse that out to best advantage?

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Thanks for your comment Martin.  Through face-to-face meetings we determine the role played by IT staff.  Typically, we see C-level excutives want IT staff to play more of a role in solving business problems and reaching business goals.  IT staff state they are to busy managing day-to-day activites to be proactive.  That is where outsourcing day-to-day tasks has great value to a business.   


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