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About Critigen

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About Critigen

For 25 years, some of the most ambitious programs in the world have relied on Critigen's information technology solutions and geospatial IT services. The expansion of the Panama Canal, London's storm water and sewer system overhaul, planning and construction for Olympic Games, facilities management for all U.S. Air Force bases across the globe: Critigen provided technical expertise for these and many other landmark projects.

Equally important to Critigen are the projects of local impact we've helped enable. Critigen serves local jurisdictions with IT solutions that optimize human and capital assets, increase revenues, and engage citizens.

These solutions range from spatial enablement of specific workflows to serving as the IT department for cities and companies.

IT Infrastructure, Services & Solutions StackThe People Behind Critigen's Integrated IT Solutions and Services

Critigen succeeds because of the diverse expertise of its people: technical and industry experts dedicated to developing and delivering solutions and services to our clients. Your project team will include.

  • IT managers and infrastructure experts who deliver world-class ITO solutions
  • Geospatial technology and industry experts who develop project-specific solutions and services that enhance revenue, optimize assets, and engage customers and citizens
  • Environmental science PhDs who manage scientific data and ensure clients fulfill their environmental obligations
  • Program managers who deliver project and program management tools and consulting.

Alone, any of these capabilities would stand out in their respective industry; when combined, they become unique in their unmatched ability to deliver complete lifecycle solutions. Critigen is the:

  • Top-tier geospatial company that can deliver turnkey hosted solutions
  • World-class managed IT services company with the best project management capabilities and tools
  • Elite environmental science company with the most reliable data hosting and management infrastructure available, and
  • EPPM consulting firm, offering world-class consulting and subscription-based hosted EPPM tools.

Our years of expertise with IT programs around the world make Critigen your one-stop shop for both turnkey solutions and custom services.

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