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Local Service, Global Network

For 25 years, some of the most ambitious programs in the world have relied on Critigen's information technology solutions and geospatial IT services. The expansion of the Panama Canal, London's storm water and sewer system overhaul, planning and construction for Olympic Games, facilities management for all U.S. Air Force bases across the globe: Critigen provided technical expertise for these and many other landmark projects.

Equally important to Critigen are the projects of local impact we've helped enable. Critigen serves local jurisdictions with IT solutions that optimize human and capital assets, increase revenues, and engage citizens.

With staff in more than 50 cities worldwide, choosing Critigen means local staff invested in your success and access to our global network of experts and experience.

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United States:
Alaska, Anchorage
Arizona, Phoenix
California, Los Angeles
California, Oakland
California, Redding
California, Sacramento
California, San Diego
California, San Francisco
Colorado, Colorado Springs
Colorado, Denver
Florida, Orlando
Florida, Gainesville
Florida, Jacksonville
Georgia, Atlanta
Hawaii, Honolulu
Idaho, Boise
Idaho, Idaho Falls
Illinois, Chicago

Indiana, Fort Wayne
Kansas, Lawrence
Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Massachusetts, Boston
Michigan, Detroit
Missouri, St. Louis
Nevada, Las Vegas
New Jersey, Parsippany
New York, New York
North Carolina, Raleigh
Ohio, Cleveland
Ohio, Columbus
Oregon, Corvallis
Oregon, Portland
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
South Carolina, Greenville
South Carolina, Spartanburg
Tennessee, Knoxville

Texas, Austin
Texas, Corpus Christi
Texas, Dallas
Texas, Houston
Texas, San Antonio
Utah, Salt Lake City
Virginia, Chantilly
Virginia, Newport News
Virginia, Virginia Beach
Washington, Bellevue
Washington, Spokane
Washington, Tacoma
Wisconsin, Milwaukee

London, England
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dubai, UAE


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Critigen Headquarters

7604 Technology Way, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80237

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