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Critigen Managed Services Realigns for Improved Service

Posted Date: 
Jan 29, 2013

Critigen Managed Services:  Plan, Build, Run Operational Realignment

January 29, 2013 Denver: Critigen Managed Services is pleased to announce the realignment of its Operations Group and processes.  Our Operations Group will now be aligned based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology model; Plan, Build and Run.  This realignment will focus Operations staff on each specific stage of the client engagement process.  This new structure aligns subject matter experts with the stages in the ITIL model in order to ensure consistent execution across design, onboarding, change management and run support.

The relationship between these activities in the ITIL model provides a distinctive demarcation point used for the realignment of operational staff.  Technical experts will now be part of dedicated teams involved at each stage of the model.

Critigen Managed Services Plan, Build, Run OrganizationThe Plan stage builds the foundation for all activities.  Critigen’s skilled Planning professionals will assess not only your current technical environment, but the results and business objectives you wish to attain.  These assessment criteria will include; your IT organizational plan, architecture, risk reduction, security, recovery, governance and cost reduction goals.

The Build stage focuses on the implementation of projects agreed upon in the Planning stage.  Critigen Build technical professionals will manage each deliverable and milestone to ensure a seamless transition without service interruption or data loss.  Along each step Critigen, Managed Services has processes in place that support best practices to test and document each phase of a project.

The Run stage ensures that what was built attains the objectives set out in the Plan stage.  A complete review of service management, incident management, change management and issue resolution processes will be completed.

The Critigen Operations Group consists of over 200 full-time technical specialists supporting nearly 2,000 servers and over 7,000 devices serving clients from Denver to London.  Our goal is to provide a superior client experience for each engagement.

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Critigen Managed Services is a global leader in IT Outsourcing and Cloud solutions.  Critigen Managed Services provides innovative solutions for its global client base integrating mature and emerging technologies such as cloud storage, Enterprise outsourcing, application management and 24x7 maintenance and monitoring services. Critigen’s Managed IT Services empower people, processes and performance.  Learn more about Critigen Managed Services at

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