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Consulting Services

Below are the services that Critigen provides.

Lemur UI Mockup

See your assets + GIS data + your Location on the same Map!

SAP Solutions

An effective GIS integration strategy is responsive to the overall enterprise business needs and drives tangible business process improvements.

Environmental Data Mgmt

Whether you’re an AEC firm with needs for a specific project, or a company or government agency with long-term data management needs, Critigen’s solutions minimize management overhead and enable your team to collaborate and integrate data like never before.

GIS and Mapping

Critigen's GIS analysts and system designers are the best-trained consultants in the business.  Critigen implements and upgrades GIS systems, offers cloud-based delivery of GIS capabilities, performs project-level GIS work for Civil Infrastructure projects and provides end-to-end field data collection solutions.

Application Development

With extensive experience supporting Civil Infrastructure engineering and construction projects, Critigen knows what it takes to make them successful. Team members need to collaborate effectively, tools need to support the team rather than burden them, PMs and stakeholders need quality data on the project and its progress, and the public needs to stay informed. Critigen's application development professionals configure and build dashboards, portals and custom applications - often with maps at their core - that deliver on these needs.

spatial enterprise

Critigen Spatial Enterprise services transform GIS technology into a business value multiplier by maximizing the benefits of spatial IT across the enterprise using a proven, comprehensive approach.

Google to Esri Migration

In 2016, the Earth will stand still – Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine support is ending! Make Your Move to Esri ArcGIS Now!

Aerial Mapping

Critigen is the surveyor who understands the big picture and can support you across state lines. Critigen's team delivers land survey, 3D laser scanning and high-precision aerial mapping to project teams that require reliable, accurate positional data for design and construction, delivered in a consistent, usable format for your entire project area.

Cloud Hosting

How many people in your Rolodex know project controls, program management & IT? We've hired them all. Invite Critigen's EPPM consulting team to upgrade your project or portfolio management system, or learn more about Critigen EPPM Cloud, a cloud-based platform that delivers organized PPM, collaboration and design tools to dispersed project teams and management.