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Critigen is SAP's Trusted Spatial Systems Integrator

Spatially-Enabled SAP Business Processes with GIS Integration

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Imagine enabling business users to connect the location of assets and the rich geospatial information contained in your GIS to asset condition and maintenance information in SAP.  Your field workers can use an interactive map to visualize work they’ve been assigned and see surrounding assets and work history.  Your planners can see where the assets are and use GIS capabilities to more effectively bundle and plan work.  Executives can combine all of this data into comprehensive and easy-to-use spatial analytics to incrementally or improve safety, reliability, or ROI.

The efficiency gains and improvements in decision-making related to asset management and customer service are significant for any organization.

Critigen has been at the leading edge of the intersection of business data (ERP) and geospatial data (GIS) for many years. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to help SAP customers take advantage of the recently released geospatial system integration capabilities in:

  • Applications – SAP Business Suite (in particular Plant Maintenance for EAM and Flexible Real Estate)
  • Mobile – including SAP Work Manager and Innovapptive
  • Platform – SAP HANA
  • Analytics – SAP HANA

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Critigen/SAP End-to-End Use Case Videos:

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