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Critigen's Google to Esri Migration Solutions

Google will cease support for your Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine investments.In less than 12 months, Google will cease support for your Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine investments. If your enterprise uses either of these solutions, your spatial technology and data investments need to be migrated immediately to a stable GIS platform. Esri is now providing no-cost software to replace your current Google Earth Enterprise or Google Maps Engine licenses.

Although Esri’s software will be provided at no-cost, investment in services to migrate to the Esri platform will be required. To do this, you’re going to need a trusted partner to help you through the process, one who understands your business needs and objectives as well as has the technical expertise to get this done with minimal distraction or disruption to your enterprise.

Fortunately, this is familiar territory for Critigen. Critigen is already migrating Google mapping solutions and data to the Esri platform for clients just like you. As an Esri Platinum Partner, Critigen has well over 20 years of experience delivering system design, deployment, migration and integration solutions using Esri technologies. We are ready to help you through this transition, starting with this simple and proven 3 Step Approach:

STEP 1 – Transition Assessment

We help you to set the foundation for the entire migration of your current Google Earth and Google Maps enterprise investments.

STEP 2 – Iterative Migration

Utilizing Critigen’s iterative approach to project delivery, and agile development methods, we will collaborate with you to deliver working solutions in short iterations, enabling you to recognize business value quickly.

STEP 3 – Sustainment Plan and Support

Critigen will design a solid sustainment plan and provide the necessary support to ensure you not only continue with minimal disruption, but also optimally leverage your new Esri technology to further your business objectives.


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We understand the nuances of these transitions that, if overlooked, can cause data quality issues, broken and unusable tools or worse yet, a failed migration. Ensure a smooth, efficient and successful migration from your Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine investments to Esri ArcGIS solutions by choosing Critigen as your migration partner.