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Environmental Data Management Solutions

Critigen’s Cloud-based Environmental Data Management Solution makes data acquisition, management, collaboration, reporting and IT infrastructure a simple, one-stop contract with no capital expenditure and fast setup.  Solidify your project or organization’s data management processes with Critigen's pre-configured infrastructure and expert workflow development from our multi-disciplinary team of data management, environmental, chemical, risk management, and IT experts.

Whether you’re an AEC firm with needs for a specific project, or a company or government agency with long-term data management needs, Critigen’s solutions minimize management overhead and enable your team to collaborate and integrate data like never before.

Superior Data Access & Collaboration

Critigen allows clients to avoid capital investment in infrastructure while improving data access for stakeholders.

  • Robust Web-based tools for anywhere-access and analysis including online GIS capability, advanced reporting and crosstab generation.  More than 100 report templates are provided
  • Live data connections support ArcGIS, RockWorks, LogPlot, EVS and other analytical and visualization software
  • Import/upload electronic data deliverables (EDD) including analytical data, field data, spatial data and other data types
  • Legacy data can be imported, verified and used alongside newly collected data

Hassle-Free, Robust Data Management

Selecting Critigen to manage your environmental, right-to-know, compliance or chemical inventory data brings peace of mind.  With established management processes encoded in world-class data management software and a team intimately familiar with the processes, clients know data are managed in a professional, auditable manner. 

  • Redundancy, backup and availability of our world-class hosting facility
  • Processes compliant with industry standards are always used to manage data
  • Automated regulatory deliverables to Army, Navy & Air Force and numerous others (e.g. ERPIMS 4.0, ERPIMS/X GeoTracker, ERIS, NIRIS)
  • Configurable email alerts notify you when data move out of tolerances, when data are updated or on a regular schedule

For Projects

Critigen Environmental Data Management for Projects provides Critigen’s software, reporting and collaboration tools in our Cloud-hosted environment with no long-term commitment, no capital investment and all the benefits of proven, customizable workflows for data management. 

This solution includes:

  • Critigen’s data management platform – software, cloud hosting, custom reporting and data connectors
  • Project setup consulting – Critigen’s data management framework is used to assign clear and efficient data handling process & roles to members of the project team
  • Workflow definition based on Critigen’s Standards and Best Practices Compendium and customized to the project.
  • Configuration of standard reports & data connectors

For Organizations

Critigen Environmental Data Management for Organizations provides organizations with a solution to ongoing compliance, right-to-know, environmental, chemical inventory and other data management needs.

This solution focuses on an initial consulting period to determine optimal configuration for your organization and provides flexibility in how systems are hosted and what roles Critigen fills in the data management process, ranging from complete outsourcing to simple platform support.

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Ty van den Akker, VP Product Strategy & Business Development
Ty van den Akker
VP Product Strategy & Business Development