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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Esri GIS MapCritigen provides GIS strategy, systems and analysis support to the worlds largest owners of Natural Resources, Health data and to CI project teams around the world. Critigen staff played key roles in developing the geospatial strategies employed by the US Department of Defense, made GIS and CAD work seamlessly together, provided courtroom-defended analysis of energy transmission routes and helped business executives understand how location intelligence can enable and extend their business strategy.

Firms, agencies and project teams with geographically distributed projects and operations team with Critigen GIS to plan, analyze and report on their operations and assets. 20+ years of providing GIS services have taught our team the how GIS can help address requirements and regulations related to Civil Infrastructure, how Civil Infrastructure projects work, and allowed us to develop spatial models for data management, decision making, and regulatory compliance. Critigen GIS experts automate analysis and reports, integrate CAD with GIS and other data, and consult with client executives and GIS departments on geospatial strategy systems, integration and management.


GIS Consulting Critigen GIS consultants advise businesses and governments worldwide on geospatial strategy and enterprise GIS implementation. A full lifecycle approach means Critigen consultants are prepared to implement all aspects of a geospatial program, starting with data collection and working through geospatial processing, spatial analytics and intelligence, spatial application development, mobile solution development, hosting and cloud services.

On-site Support The breadth of Critigen's team makes Critigen the ideal complement to your in-house GIS team. Critigen can provide full or part-time resources, for short or long stints, with the specific skills and experience you need to achieve project-specific objectives and tasks.

Spatial Enterprise Consulting Directed at strategic leaders, Spatial Enterprise Consulting helps leaders understand what role location intelligence can play in extending and enabling their business. This consulting results in technology and process components tied together with geographic data management processes and business strategies to maximize the value of geospatial information.

Business Data Visualization Studies estimate that over 80% of data has a location component, Critigen GIS is ready to work with your business leaders and IT organizations to unleash the value of that additional aspect of your information throughout the enterprise in applications, reports and mobile tools.

Spatial Application Development Critigen’s spatial development team transforms complex analytics, mapping and data processing into applications that are easy to navigate and understand. Bringing the power of location analytics to new or existing applications allows executives, managers and operational teams to make better decisions, more efficiently. Critigen has been implementing custom and configured spatial applications on all the major mapping and spatial data platforms since the early 1990s and is an Esri Platinum Partner, ensuring our clients get the best advice and the most reliable results.

Systems Integration Critigen GIS consultants not only know GIS, they also know IT, they know how to make isolated geospatial systems work with each other and to operate effectively with non-spatial systems like SAP, ERP, CRM and other systems. Critigen will design and implement an integrated, enterprise platform for your team with location as the key integration point.

GIS Enterprise Deployment & Upgrade Critigen works with corporate and agency GIS departments to implement, upgrade and integrate GIS systems. In addition to traditional on-site GIS, Critigen offers Cloud GIS, based on Esri software, as an option to organizations wanting to avoid the cost and business disruptions associated with version upgrades, yet still get the benefits of up-to-date software.

3D Visualization and Scenario Building 3D visualization makes Civil Infrastructure come to life during the design phase. Critigen takes the high-value approach of leveraging actual design drawings and documents to render realistic 3D visualizations. This smart approach makes multiple revisions easy, and contributes to the long-term data integration goals of projects.

GIS Analysis, Figure Production Critigen has more than 100 GIS professionals ready to tackle your spatial projects. Whether complex analysis is required, or effective figure production for public meetings, reports or regulatory filings, Critigen GIS has the mix of GIS talent and experience needed to deliver quality products efficiently.

* NC GS 89C-3(7) requires Professional Licensed Surveyor involvement in activities performed in the State of North Carolina that may be performed by GIS firms in other states. Critigen is committed to ensuring your project is performed in a professional, safe, and  coordinated manner that is compliant with State Law.  Please contact Critigen about requirements as they pertain to your specific project and reference NC GS 89C-3(7) for details.

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