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Spatial EnterpriseCritigen Spatial Enterprise services transform GIS technology into a business value multiplier by maximizing the benefits of spatial IT across the enterprise using a proven, comprehensive approach. Critigen’s senior consultants work with executives in business and government to assess the current benefits delivered by spatial information technology (IT), to optimize use of location intelligence across processes and to develop governance plans that ensure long-term adoption and sustainment.


Executive Advocacy and Return on LocationTM  Recommend and articulate the value of enterprise spatial investments using innovative return-on-investment (ROI) techniques

Visioning and Strategy Development Organize comprehensive strategy-to-task frameworks to ensure progress accountability

Organizational Performance Assessment Assess the spatial enterprise and provide guidance on adoption strategy, maturing spatial enterprise, organizational evolution and prioritiz future tasks

Innovation Adoption and Organizational Change Design and implement customized corporate culture change strategies to facilitate personal adoption of new spatial IT behaviors

Requirements Definition and Capability Design Capture current and desired spatially-enabled business/enterprise architectures, and align spatial IT investments with corporate strategic goals

Business Process Integration Define how spatial capabilities integrate into enterprise business processes and compile standard operating procedures to encourage sustained use

Governance Processes Evaluate benefits of modifying current IT governance mechanisms to encompass the spatial IT portfolio

Program Management Provide an optimal mix of on-site or off-site spatial enterprise program management services to fit client needs


Critigen Spatial Enterprise services look beyond the technology to the social user environment where attitudes, education, and alignment determine adoption or abandonment. Critigen’s proven socio-technical approach leverages venerable research, best-practices, and established frameworks to help organizations mature into spatial enterprises.

Enterprise Architecture including customized application of DODAF, FEAF and TOGAF models for practical use and benefit

Portfolio Management ensuring alignment of application, project and infrastructure portfolios with enabling capabilities and outcomes

Business Process Analysis tailoring enterprise processes to leverage spatial IT for business impact

Governance Framework Adoption and Adaptation including tailored and scalable implementations of leading frameworks such as COBIT and Val IT, providing actionable guidance on governing and measuring performance and value of spatial IT investments


Critigen Spatial Enterprise consultants begin with a client focus to identify where they can add most value soonest, whether it is a specific strategic initiative or an area in conjunction with other spatial IT projects. Many clients have come to rely on Critigen Spatial Enterprise consultants to ensure their organizations evolve with spatial technology and capture the greatest business value from their spatial IT.

When engaged as part of a technology implementation, Critigen Spatial Enterprise consultants bring a unique business-savvy perspective to the project. They work directly with Critigen technologists and program managers to develop project plans that ensure success in that organization’s unique environment and oversee the implementation to ensure the organization’s business objectives are realized.

Engaged independently, Critigen Spatial Enterprise consultants work with executives to integrate and align spatial approaches with the organization’s strategy, to plan for cultural adoption of spatial IT, and to plan for sustainment of the organization’s spatial program. They also work with management to identify processes where spatial enablement could yield new revenue, cost savings, or enhance customer experience.

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