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Land Survey and Aerial Mapping

More than just another survey firm, Critigen caters to clients whose projects cross state (or national) boundaries, require large scale, or need a product that is certain to be compatible with project CAD, GIS and other standards. With highly experienced and IT-smart surveyors and mappers, Critigen is ready to become a trusted member of your project team.

Critigen’s technical and professional surveying and mapping staff understand the demand for high quality data acquisition and the importance of delivering a reliable and defensible final product. Our leading edge approaches leverage of the latest in technology and software for data collection, processing and management and ensure clients get the highest quality and most accurate data.


Land Survey With nearly a century of combined experience among our senior team, Critigen surveyors know not to take shortcuts and they know how to get your project right the first time. Equally important, the Critigen Survey team holds specialty licensure for Federal projects, multi-state licensure, and know the IT end of their trade, ensuring that survey data are well-managed and integrated into your overall project information management strategy.

Aerial Mapping Critigen's aerial mapping team works with our Land Surveyors and GIS teams to develop high-precision mapping, topography and control for engineering design and construction. With a long history dating back to Clair A. Hill & Associates first forays into aerial mapping in 1952, Critigen has the expertise in both mapping and civil infrastructure projects to ensure your team gets what it needs, the first time.

3D Laser Scanning The ability to document large, complex structures and facilities quickly and with design-quality precision is prized by many engineers working in factories and on bridges, and other production facilities. This high-precision point cloud is often linked to land survey, GIS and other information products to visualize, collaborate, and add value to projects for its entire life cycle.