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Mobile GIS-SAP Platform at Hydro One

Hydro One Case Study Cover Image
By integrating best in class technologies, Hydro One replaced 40+ paper forms, modernized scheduling methods and gave linemen real-time access to up-to-date SAP data and GIS maps. Linemen drive time was reduced each day, reducing costly windshield time. Using Lemur™ to automate the extent and frequency of map cache updates lowered the demand load on server architecture. There was a marked increase in the timeliness of data input and the integrity of field submissions, and data update time was significantly improved from and upper end of 180 days down to just 4 or 5 days. Truck locations are now visible to schedulers, and crews can now see defects in the power system on their tablets. They can now also report defects or address them on the spot. “They’ve never had that visibility before, and they are taking ownership of the process,” said Towers. “We have successfully integrated both SAP Work Manager and GIS into one system,” said Kydd. “I’ve talked to other utilities that didn’t go this route in one large step, and regret it. I’m glad we did.”