Federal Government Services and Solutions

Critigen delivers services and solutions to U.S. government and other national government agencies and ministries. Specific U.S. agencies that Critigen serves include the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of State, General Services Administration, and Department of Energy. Contract Vehicles U.S. GSA, IT...

U.S. Forest Service GIS Consulting

For the past 10 years, Critigen has been providing specialized mapping, GIS, surveying, application development, system hosting and other consulting services to the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). Our experienced staff possess deep domain expertise in all aspects of National Forest management, including the NEPA process, travel planning, fire and fuels management, habitat conservation, sustainable...

Protecting Bighorn Sheep with Repeatable GIS Analysis

Bighorn sheep are timeless symbols of the Wild West, but their numbers have plummeted to just 8% of their peak population. Surprisingly, a significant cause of this decline is disease transmitted from domestic sheep. To mitigate disease spread, US federal land management agencies and state wildlife managers have discouraged shared use of ranges by bighorn and domestic sheep. In 2012, The US...

Wildland Urban Interface App

Spec Sheet
Critigen's HTML5 application enables users to view and report a consistent rendering of the wildland-urban interface for any landscape on any device.

Geospatial Workflows

It is important to understand that managing federal lands requires inherently spatial decisions that can benefit from a geospatial framework for organizing data to best inform these types of decisions.