State & Local Government

Critigen delivers full lifecycle IT and systems integration services to governments that engage and serve citizens, improve revenues, and optimize existing assets. With a network of global offices and decades of experience serving local governments, Critigen brings diverse and deep experience to cities through local consultants. Esri recognizes Critigen with its most selective Platinum Partner...

Enterprise GIS for Local Government

Enterprise GIS is a single integrated platform that improves the way local governments serve their citizens by supporting all spatial business processes and enhancing communication across the organization. Critigen can implement enterprise GIS in your organization to provide you rapid access to up-to-date, accurate geographic information, and reduce data redundancy among city staff and...

Water and Wastewater Utilities GIS Solutions

With decades of experience serving water and wastewater clients, Critigen understands the regulatory environment, the revenue and financial challenges, and the engineering and data issues that our clients face daily. Critigen's broad range of enterprise consulting and GIS application development services enable the water industry to realize value and minimize risk through the use of location...

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water (SS & SW) is a iOS mobile application that provides map-based access to sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure and facilities. Users can easily display and manage assets, collect/edit data, and delineate "redline" areas of interest. The application supports point, line, and polygon feature editing as well as the ability to attach photographs and videos. It...

Balloon Mapping Summer Fun

While many of the Critigen team were headed for the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, Critigen Innovator Ed Roworth was exploring DIY balloon-based aerial imagery acquisition, and training the next generation of geo geek at the same time With summer in full swing it’s a good time to get outside and do something fun with the family. How about flying a really big balloon with a...

State and Local Government

Critigen delivers full lifecycle IT and systems integration services to governments that improve revenue, prioritizes capital spending, optimizes existing assets, and engages and serves citizens.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Critigen provides GIS strategy, systems and analysis support to the worlds largest owners of Natural Resources, Health data and to CI project teams around the world. Critigen staff played key roles in developing the geospatial strategies employed by the US Department of Defense, made GIS and CAD work seamlessly together, provided courtroom-defended analysis of energy transmission routes and...

2014 Best of New York City Awards Announced

2014 Best of New York City Awards announced on November 13, 2014 that the award for Best Internal Application was awarded to the Department of Sanitation for their BladeRunner program. Critigen is proud to be part of this team of professionals and to share in the celebration of being recognized for producing one of the best applications of the year by e.Republic. The City of New York...


Critigen gDashboard transforms complex enterprise data into geographically relevant, timely, and navigable information available on mobile devices, through web-browsers, and in the cloud.


The City of New York through its Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) has awarded Critigen a Master Services Agreement to provide GIS Services, on an as-needed citywide basis.