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Health GIS

Critigen offers Federal, State and Local Health Agencies and health advocates access to the power of location intelligence and geographic analysis. With premier credentials in geospatial technology and experience working with disease management, emergency management and healthcare access, Critigen’s technical expertise and domain knowledge bring results to your organization quickly.

Leadership in Community Health

Critigen cares about people and the places we live and work in. To promote the use of health data, Critigen provides Health Indicators, an iPad app, free of charge. Health Indicators is an easy-to-use dashboard application that transforms the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) from DHHS into geographically relevant, timely, and navigable information. It improves usability of the CHSI data and demonstrates the power geospatial analysis can have in Community Health.

Geography in Healthcare

Geography can provide Health and Human Services agencies and other health advocates with essential information for improving their service and understanding complex public health issues. Among the benefits Critigen can deliver are:

  • Correlation of Public Health tracking with environmental factors at national, regional, local and site scales
  • Shared situational awareness (SSA) for managing steady state operations and disease outbreaks
  • Resource allocation and deployment support during health emergencies
  • Visualization of statistics and public policy outcomes
  • Leveraging of existing agency and program data for modeling and analytics

Critigen solutions and services for public health can be deployed as mobile, web or desktop applications to ensure appropriate access by personnel or to the public.

Federal Healthcare Contract Vehicles

  • U.S. GSA, IT Schedule 70
  • U.S. GSA, 874-MOBIS

Critigen services can also be procured through a variety of teaming agreements and subcontracts, including U.S. Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, CIO-SP3.

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Dianna Herbst
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