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US Forest Service —
National Geospatial Services Contract

In January 2018, the USDA Forest Service Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC) awarded Critigen the 5-year GTAC National GIS Services Contract to provide comprehensive geospatial services to the Forest Service. With the award of this 5-Year contract, any of the 155 National Forests, 9 Regions, Research Station, Washington Office, or program can leverage our proven expertise in geospatial data stewardship, enterprise services, and web application development. For the past 7 years, Critigen has cultivated an experienced team dedicated to Forest Service programs and geospatial applications.

Q What is the US Forest Service National Geospatial Services contract, and how can I use it?

A The National Geospatial Services contract is a 5 year, $25M indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity contract for issuing Firm-Fixed or Labor Hour task orders. The contract can be used by all Forest Regions, National Forests, USFS Offices, HQ, partners, and GTAC to procure geospatial data, technology and services work.

Q How can the contract help me?

A You'll find it helpful in the following ways…

  • Integrate geospatial data and technologies into USFS business processes to support decision-making.
  • Build geo-enabled workflow-based applications for desktop, web and mobile devices.
  • Improve geospatial data gathering, quality & completeness, analysis, and access.
  • Provide cross-functional geospatial technology development and training.
  • Reduce duplication of effort among regions and contracts.

Q Who is the Critigen team?

A The Critigen team has been working with the Forest Service for over 20 years!

Partnership Logos

The Critigen team consists of the prime contract Xentity, a data-first consulting firm that has supported Federal Civilian “Earth Agencies” such as the USDA, DOI, and EPA for Geospatial, Big Data, Open Data, and Internet of Things (IoT) since 2003. Critigen is a global leader in supporting the supporting the “geospatial enablement” of their clients’ enterprises, and was the incumbent on the previous contract delivering more than 25 USFS projects. Allpoints GIS specializes in delivering compelling ArcGIS training and services for clients land use planning, natural resource management, resource development, and protection.

Q What has the Critigen team provided to the USFS in the past?

A Numerious provisions have been provided, including…

  • Geospatial analysis of disease transmission risk between native Bighorn Sheep and domestic sheep
  • Supporting design and development of the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
  • Provided over 8,000 GIS training sessions to USFS employees
  • Geospatial analyses to inform Forest Planning
  • Forest Health Maps

USFS Acreen Capture

Salmon-Challis Forest Planning

Story Maps Created by Critigen Staff Now Available to the Public

Salmon-Challis Story Map Image

Introduction Forest plans guide overall management of a National Forest and balance social, economic, and environmental concerns.

Salmon-Challis Story Map Image

Terrestrial Ecosystems Terrestrial ecosystems are shaped by topography, climate, soils, geology, elevation, and natural disturbance.

Salmon-Challis Story Map Image

Aquatic Ecosystems Without water, very little survives, making aquatic and riparian (streamside) ecosystems important resources provided by National Forests.