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Neighborhood Aerial

The wellbeing of a community or business depends on the availability of energy and water. Delivering these services to customers reliably and at reasonable rates requires a healthy infrastructure. Let Critigen give your utility a health checkup to ensure it is performing optimally, and avoid surprises.


Electric LinemanEvery minute your customers are without power reduces revenue and upsets customers. Respond faster to outages, streamline workflows, reduce costs, comply with regulations and keep customers happy.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas MeterNatural gas is a vital community resource. Managing its safe, efficient delivery is paramount.  Know where your assets are located, monitor conditions, visualize risks, track inspections, and respond quickly to leaks.


Wind TurbineDistributed Energy Resources (DER), like solar and wind, are on the rise. Managing remote assets can be a challenge. Quickly locate transmission line outages and use real time weather feeds to insure safety. Monitor asset performance to get the largest return on your investment.


Water DrainWater is our most valuable resource. Capture data over time on the flushing of hydrants, chlorine levels, and water pressure. Analyze it later to protect water quality and comply with regulations. Respond rapidly to water main breaks and leaks. Identify system vulnerabilities and be proactive.


Abstract DataBust Data Silos, Don’t Create Them

Map your assets once, and then integrate them with your enterprise resource program to optimize operations, both within, and across departments. Streamline workflows, cut costs, improve data update and integrity, and make data-driven decisions.

Work on Any Device, Anywhere

Empower your mobile workforce by giving them the data they need, when they need it, no matter where they are. Sync the back office with the field so that reliable, up-to-date data is available everywhere, on any device.

Respond Quickly, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Find the nearest crew to respond to emergencies or outages by integrating live maps into your workforce management system. Respond faster, reduce costly windshield time, comply with regulations and keep customers loyal.

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