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Visual PipelineSignificantly decrease your pipeline data management costs and time to market with Critigen's Visual Pipeline—Standard Edition, an easy-to-use solution providing for electronic collection, management, and reporting of data. Supporting pipeline field asset planning, permitting, and construction management, Visual Pipeline expedites regulatory reviews for permitting by 10 times compared to traditional methods, and also expedites schedules and reduces costs by issue identification early in a construction project.

The Standard Edition offers a high level of functionality, including mobile GPS device-enabled data collection solutions as well as a web-based portal that provides access to maps and related documents and data. All content can be branded to match your existing website logo and color schemes.

Standard Edition Functionality

Visual Pipeline–Standard Edition includes a web-based map viewer that incorporates base map, pipeline assets, and aerial or satellite imagery in a single interface. Additional functions include:

  • Access to pipeline asset, property, and project information and documentation related to pipeline assets or field activities.
  • Map feature query and report generation, including map products
  • Map navigation, pan, and zoom
  • Configurable workflow with secure role-based access to information
  • Web-based map viewer that incorporates base map, pipeline assets, and aerial or satellite imagery into a single interface

Standard Edition Key Components

A fully hosted solution with highly reliable, up-to-date computing infrastructure, Visual Pipeline–Standard Edition is supported 24/7 from a world-class data center. Other key components of this solution include:

Field Data Collection—Trimble GPS

Visual Pipeline provides a seamless connection between data collected in the field and GIS development in the office. Trimble GPS units perform the field data collection, leveraging extensive custom data dictionaries with pre-populated drop-down menus. This collection method speeds data collection, reduces data entry errors, and helps ensure the standardization of data collected across multiple field teams. Users can also navigate to areas in the field using the GPS unit’s rendering of project-specific basemap data such as survey limits and property boundaries. All data collected in the field is validated against quality control measures and loaded into the project ArcSDE GIS database.

Visual Pipeline Map Portal

The Visual Pipeline web-based portal is a fully hosted, turnkey solution that can be viewed on both PCs and mobile devices, such as smart phones or tablets (Android, iOS). The map portal comes with a robust map navigation, query and reporting toolset that includes the ability to navigate to a particular address or field asset, identify a map feature such as a parcel or utility line, and search attribute databases.

Additional functionality includes red-lining of an area for comment and reporting; viewing of imagery from aerial, satellite, or Google and Bing maps and street views; and report and map generation. The map portal can be customized with your branding themes, images and colors to appear as a fully integrated solution.

Data Management

Visual Pipeline utilizes an enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase for storage of all O&G data and documentation, providing a single centralized database that eliminates lag time and provides for version control and data security. The database is part of the Visual Pipeline Map Portal, which is Critigen's fully hosted, turnkey solution for the O&G industry.

The data models Critigen provides include Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) or Esri’s ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM). The Critigen data model also integrates data from other vendors including GeoFields, New Century Software, and Geonamic

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