Sewer and Storm Water

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Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water (SS & SW) is a iOS mobile application that provides map-based access to sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure and facilities. Users can easily display and manage assets, collect/edit data, and delineate "redline" areas of interest. The application supports point, line, and polygon feature editing as well as the ability to attach photographs and videos. It is built to work with Esri's Local Government Information Model and ArcGIS Server. It can be easily customized to support any GIS data sources where field data collection is required.

Solution Overview

  • Map based interface
    Map based interface
    SS&SW is made for the Apple iPad and leverages your ArcGIS based features and imagery.
  • Quick Navigation
    Quick Navigation
    Assets are easily navigated using a customized table of contents to quickly turn assets on and off in the map interface.
  • Customized Data Collection / Editing
    Customized Data Collection / Editing
    New and existing assets are easily edited using the customized editing menu.


  • View utility assets in a map-based viewer
  • View and add attachments, including inspection pictures and video
  • Capture new features with redlining capabilities
  • Edit information for existing assets
  • Toggle on/off layers for different assets
  • Switch easily between Street, Imagery, and Atlas basemaps
  • Offline mode capability


  • Collect/Update assets in the field
  • Minimize office work
  • Customized user interface


  • Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model
  • ArcGIS Server v10.x
  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS v2.x

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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Ty van den Akker
VP Product Strategy & Business Development
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Frank Orr
Transportation Industry Manager & OSIsoft Partner Manager
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