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U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) GIS Consulting

For more than 10 years, Critigen has provided the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) GeoFidelis program with world-wide support and consulting services on GIS, program management, surveying and mapping, and information technology and systems.

Critigen is a trusted advisor to Marine Corps leaders, and provides innovative services such as enterprise architecture support, IT and GIS strategic planning services, geospatial data collection, data analysis and modeling, outreach, and marketing support. Additional services include policy and governance development, on-site staffing (GIS analysts, system and web portal administrators, and training coordinators), web application development, and instructor-led training (SharePoint user training, Introduction to GIS, GIS Data Editing, Introduction to GPS, and custom applications).

Project Examples

Data Collection, Development, and Analysis
The USMC has contracted Critigen to map utility systems at numerous Marine Corps installations, including MCAS Yuma, MCAS Cherry Point, MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and MCAS Beaufort.

Standards Development
Critigen helped to develop the GEOFIEAST Web Portal Governance Plan, which outlines policies and procedures, user roles and responsibilities,  portal structure, definitions, taxonomy, security and user permissions, and authorized content.

Web-based Master Planning
Critigen developed the Web-Based Master Planning System for Camp Lejeune, which replaced the paper-based master plan that was out of date and badly in need of costly revisions.

Application Development
The Critigen team developed and is currently administering and sustaining the GEOFIEAST Web Portal, which is a secure collaboration and information sharing tool that provides a single point of access to GEOFidelis spatial information, work-related systems, documents, and activities for all east coast installations.

Enterprise Architecture
The Critigen team provided the resources to develop the GEOFIEAST system architecture more than a decade ago and has since performed annual system architecture reviews (SAR) and, to respond for evolving requirements, revisions to the architecture plan documents.

Environmental Data Management
The Critigen team developed the USMC Enterprise EM Portal solution. Individual portals reflect the unique organization and business processes of specific installations while standardizing the approach to storing, managing, and reporting.

Onsite Staff - IT Systems Management - GIS Training
Critigen has provided on-site staff in support of Marine Corps programs for close to 10 years. On-site staff include GIS analysts, application developers, SharePoint administrators, database designers, and project managers. Critigen has also provided the Marine Corps with expert-level training for GIS, GPS, and related technologies. 

Service Offerings

Critigen's U.S. Marine Corps GIS services offer support and operational efficiencies that make the most of your data through GIS planning and strategy, program management, and GIS data migration and conversion. Additional services from Critigen include:

  • Survey and mapping
  • Application development
  • Training
  • IT systems support
  • Records management
  • Asset management
  • Environmental solutions
  • Planning, range management, and security solutions

Contract Vehicles

  • U.S. GSA, IT Schedule 70
  • U.S. GSA, 874-MOBIS
  • U.S. Navy and Defense Agencies, SEAPORT-E
  • U.S. Navy NAVFAC, GIS, Surveying and Mapping
  • U.S. GSA, 899-7-Geographic Information (GIS) Services

Critigen services can also be procured through a variety of teaming agreements and subcontracts.