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U.S. Navy GIS Consulting

For more than a decade, Critigen has been providing both program and technical support to U.S. Navy clients. Support has included environmental data management and analysis, GIS for munitions response and remediation, as well as comprehensive GIS support for the Navy GeoReadiness Program. Critigen is supporting GIS program management activities at the headquarters level, performing above- and below-ground SDSFIE-compliant utility surveys at several Navy bases, and mapping installations in Bahrain, Spain, and Italy to support U.S. Navy operations in Europe and the Middle East. Critigen is also developing Navy GIS data standards, program and communication strategies, technical guidance, and training solutions.

Project Examples

Program Management
At the headquarters level, Critigen is collecting business requirements, developing a strategy and business model, assisting with community development, establishing performance metrics, organizing guidance and policies, and implementing SDSFIE 3.0 and metadata standards to build, provide, sustain, and advance GIS capabilities to support Navy missions.

Munitions Response
Critigen can meet the data management needs around munitions site activities through use of GPS mobile devices. These devices provide seamless data synchronization from field to the office, analysis and reporting from a centralized database, and data visualization through a web-based GIS.

Environmental Data Management
The Critigen Environmental Data Management (EDM) group coordinates data management efforts for various Navy programs, including CLEAN. Primary services include EDM lifecycle tasks such as routines, processes, and guidelines for sample tracking, storage, access, and delivery. Additional services include reporting of chemical analytical, geologic, biologic and spatial data generated during site characterizations, remedial investigations, and remedial action activities.

Strategic Planning & Enterprise Architecture
Through the GeoReadiness Program, Critigen is assisting the U.S. Navy in developing a GeoReadiness Strategic Plan and Enterprise Architecture. Support tasks include collecting, analyzing, and prioritizing mission requirements, analyzing current efforts to centralize GeoReadiness services to a single hosting center, and establishing the authoritative adaptation of the SDSFIE 3.0 and DISDI metadata model for all Navy installations. Critigen also advises NAVFAC in policy development and guidance for meeting defined quality assurance and QASP standards.

Application Development
Critigen has developed a number of solutions for the CLEAN Program, covering a wide range of technologies, including mobile devices, desktop tools and web applications, to support environmental data management and munitions response.

Administrative Record Management
Critigen supports the NAVFAC Librarian with managing the Administrative Record File (ARF). The ARF is a collection of documents compiled by the Navy to document the selection of environmental response actions conducted under the ERP.

Service Offerings

Critigen's U.S. Navy GIS services offer support and operational efficiencies that make the most of your data through GIS planning and strategy, program management, and GIS data migration and conversion. Additional services from Critigen include:

  • Survey and mapping
  • Application development
  • Training
  • IT systems support
  • Records management
  • Asset management
  • Environmental solutions
  • Planning, range management, and security solutions

Contract Vehicles

  • U.S. GSA, IT Schedule 70
  • U.S. GSA, 874-MOBIS
  • U.S. Navy and Defense Agencies, SEAPORT-E
  • U.S. Navy NAVFAC, GIS, Surveying and Mapping
  • U.S. GSA, 899-7-Geographic Information (GIS) Services

Critigen services can also be procured through a variety of teaming agreements and subcontracts.