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Put the decade’s biggest leap forward in GIS to work driving your business forward. In three to five days on-site, Critigen cloud-GIS specialists put you on the FastTrack to realizing the value of GIS across your enterprise.

ArcGIS Online multiplies the value of of your GIS: Cloud GIS

  • Extend the value of your GIS investment to non-GIS users
  • Create and share maps fast
  • Leverage community-contributed basemaps, data and applications
  • Map Excel data in a snap!
  • Access on virtually any device – anyone, anywhere
  • Deliver intelligent maps to targeted groups, share with larger communities and/or the public

Critigen’s consultants will get you started publishing and sharing your data with web maps and apps in no time with a branded, configured ArcGIS Online implementation. FastTrack also provides the technical and organizational start-up that drive adoption throughout your organization.

Solution Overview

  • Web Templates and Custom Applications
    Web Templates and Custom Applications
    Need an application fast? Critigen leverages prebuilt application templates or we can customize a solution to meet your needs using esri's JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, iOS and Android API's.
  • ArcGIS Online Ready?
    ArcGIS Online Ready?
    What data can be published and shared within the organization? What can be shared outside the organization? Is your data "Local Government Information Model"-ready? Contact us today for your free consultation.
  • Mobile
    Get started with mobile workflows and your first mobile application leveraging an ArcGIS Online webmap and out of the box ArcGIS for iOS and Android.


  • Identify the top 3 business applications for ArcGIS Online through a compressed needs assessment
  • Identify supporting data sources, metadata, and constraints on data sharing
  • Provide hands-on training of your team while initiating implementation of the identified business applications, publishing and sharing web maps internally or to the public
  • Configure ArcGIS Online access for Application Templates and mobile access
  • Demonstrate data maintenance lifecycles and workflows enablement in ArcGIS Online
  • Configure users in your organization with appropriate access to view, publish and share data
  • Demonstrate additional capabilities provided by configurable templates, ArcGIS Server 10.1, and Flex or Silverlight AppBuilder applications to integrate with your enterprise business systems
  • Present the configured site to your users with plenty of time for questions and answers
  • Support your team post-visit to ensure adoption


  • Ensure uptake of your ArcGIS Online Implementation
  • Enhance collaboration and data sharing
  • Optimize service delivery with mobile and desktop access
  • Non-technical users can visualize and share Excel data in 20 seconds
  • Advertise key map data to users in your organization

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Ty van den Akker
VP Product Strategy & Business Development
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Frank Orr
Transportation Industry Manager & OSIsoft Partner Manager
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