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Below are the services that Critigen provides.

SAP Solutions

An effective GIS integration strategy is responsive to the overall enterprise business needs and drives tangible business process improvements.

ArcGIS Online

Critigen’s consultants will get you started publishing and sharing your data with web maps and apps in no time with a branded, configured ArcGIS Online implementation.

Environmental Data Mgmt

Whether you’re an AEC firm with needs for a specific project, or a company or government agency with long-term data management needs, Critigen’s solutions minimize management overhead and enable your team to collaborate and integrate data like never before.

Esri Roads and Highways

Esri Roads and Highways implementation, organized around road and highway safety and maintenance activities, can transform your ArcGIS environment to support your transportation workflows.

Medicare Mapper

Medicare Mapper quickly and easily illustrates geographic patterns in the Medicare hospital inpatient expenditures and exemplifies the power of location analytics to make ‘big data’ meaningful.

Eco Maps

Critigen Eco Maps provide communities with a powerful tool to showcase sustainable projects and educate users on how to implement environmentally friendly projects for their homes, businesses, and community.

EPPM Cloud

We provide Primavera tools to companies, governments, and workgroups as a web-based subscription service.

EPPM Overview

Critigen helps you optimize manpower, reduce infrastructure, and create a world-class project management solution.

Field to Office Platform

Critigen’s Field to Office Platform for the Oil & Gas industry connects field crews, office staff, and management to critical Oil & Gas asset information and vital enterprise systems at a glance.


Find-A-Control allows surveyors, field personnel, and interested citizens to access National Geodetic Survey (NGS) survey control information through a mobile device.

Health Indicators

Health Indicators is an easy-to-use dashboard app that transforms complex health data into geographically relevant, timely, and navigable information. Health care executives and professionals can view various health-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a single screen in an intuitive map-based interface.

Integrated Solutions Dashboard

Integrated Solutions Dashboard for Airports (ISD) is a web and mobile-based system that connects airport managers and staff to their vital databases and operational systems at a glance.

Primavera Hosting

Our team brings 20+ years of industry specific expertise and knows how to make your projects successful.

Sewer and Storm Water

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water (SS & SW) is a iOS mobile application that provides map-based access to sanitary sewer and storm water infrastructure and facilities.

Solar Map - Standard Edition

The powerful functionality of the Critigen Solar Map–Standard Edition makes it the single resource for consumers to understand and appreciate the potential of solar energy at their home or business.

Solar Site Assessments

Critigen Solar Site Assessments provide essential due diligence analytics for large rooftop solar PV systems. Solar Site Assessments graphically depict solar energy production on the roof and show where the "hotspots" for solar are, helping building owners visualize and understand their investment.

Visual Pipeline

The Standard Edition offers a high level of functionality, including mobile GPS device-enabled data collection solutions as well as a web-based portal that provides access to maps and related documents and data. All content can be branded to match your existing website logo and color schemes.

SAP HANA Solutions

SAP HANA, is an in-memory appliance that converges database and application platform capabilities with spatial intelligence to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing so businesses can operate in real-time.

SAP-Based Mobile Solutions

In order to optimally manage geographic assets, organizations have realized a modern mobile solution deployment must include a map-based user interface that seamlessly combines data from EAM systems with data from geographic information systems (GIS).