SAP-Based Mobile Solutions

  • SAP-Based Mobile Solutions

SAP-Based Mobile Solutions

Efficiently managing and maintaining geographically dispersed assets is a standing challenge in many industries. Whether it’s overhead lines, underground pipes, roads, or substations; the management of these physical assets consume a considerable share of operating budgets. The business value of a geo-enabled mobile solutions is

  • more efficient processes and better decision-making through the understanding of location and spatial relationships.
  • Decreased operational risk and increased compliance through the seamless availability of integrated information from multiple enterprise systems, including GIS, to employees working in the field.

Lemur™ – A Mobile Platform for SAP & Esri GIS

Lemur™ is a configurable product that makes it easy to combine your Esri GIS information with mobile work management solutions at enterprise scale.

Lemur™ provides the ability to embed an Esri® GIS map application into your SAP®, SAP® Partner, or bespoke work management mobile app. A web portal allows you to tailor Lemur™ to your requirements without custom code. The Lemur Geocache Server™ provides intelligent management of offline Esri® basemaps and feature services to enable scalable enterprise use.

The Lemur™ Configuration Portal, allows for code-free configuration of:

  • Map appearance
  • Ability to define map-based workflows, including forms
  • Feature services and basemaps (including offline capabilities provided by the Geocache Server™) are available to a user
  • Data sources including SAP® HANA®, SAP® Plant Maintenance®, OMS packages and more. This capability leverages SAP® HANA Cloud Platform® connector and destination capabilities. The data sources can be in the cloud, on-prem or both.
  • Actions that can be launched from the map on SAP objects – e.g. close a Work Order, log hours, convert a Notification, replace Equipment

Any changes made to an embedded Lemur™ map will take effect the next time a user logs into the application containing the map; there’s no need to redeploy an application to change the behavior of an embedded Lemur™ Map.

Lemur™ provides future-proof control, configuration and capability for geo-enabled capabilities in mobile SAP® and SAP® Partner applications.

For more information on adopting Lemur™, please see the Lemur™ product pages.

SAP Work Manager Maps Customization

SAP® Work Manager® has long been a market leader based on its ability to provide relevant work order information with on-demand access to asset and work history coming from asset management systems such as SAP or IBM® Maximo®. SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 3.0 includes a SDK called OpenUI that allows the defining of custom user interfaces using 3rd party libraries.

Critigen worked with SAP as a co-innovation partner to build the controls in SAP Work Manager 6.1 and higher that provide integrated Esri ArcGIS® functionality including:

  • Base maps
  • Geo location of business objects
  • Near me/driving directions

Critigen’s deep Esri GIS expertise and knowledge of the SAP Work Manager mapping capability control make us the ideal partner to enable the mapping component and customize it to meet your specific requirements.  Example customizations include:

  • Integrating additional GIS data through feature services coming from GIS and/or third-party web service providers
  • Enabling scalable offline capability for the base map and feature services with Lemur Geocache Server™
  • Addition of custom forms – e.g. damage assessment – allowing users to do all of their work directly from the map and designed to minimize data entry by leveraging existing Work Manager functions.
  • Spatial functionality like free hand polygon selection of assets and calculating distances
  • Tailored controls that work seamlessly with SAP GEO.e or GEF
  • Providing native GIS integration for other vendors, e.g. GE Smallworld, Intergraph

Other Mobile Solutions

In addition to Lemur™ and SAP Work Manager enhancement, Critigen can bring its app development, GIS and industry knowledge to your firm to build custom mobile apps. Ask us about SMP, Agentry, or custom apps SAP Mobile Platform that are purpose-built (e.g. Damage Assessment, Leak Detection Survey, Vegetation Management) in industries including utilities, oil & gas, transportation, and public works.

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