3D Visualization

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3D Visualization

Critigen’s 3D Visualization team transforms GIS and CAD data into beautifully rendered images and animations that help secure government, public, or executive approval on proposed projects. Visualizations help stakeholders envision and understand the proposed project.

Critigen offers geospatially correct visualizations as well as traditional ‘art’ visualizations to support a variety of projects.

  • CyberCity 3DVisual Impact Studies
  • Architectural and Engineering Visualizations
  • Natural Resource Planning Visualizations
  • Land Use Visualizations
  • Photo-Simulations
  • Preparation for Public Reviews

Realistic renderings are expected in today’s environment and Critigen uses the latest software to deliver realism and accurate renderings based on actual project data. Leveraging GIS and CAD data ensure correctness and also mean changes to designs by engineers are very quickly rolled into the visualizations. This approach is ideal when multiple iterations of design are expected.
Critigen’s powerful tools easily combine CAD or GIS-based project data with aerial or ground-based photos to deliver realism and to communicate project details and nuances effectively. We apply images and textures to building walls, streetlights and other objects to make they photo-realistic, then use cutting-edge scene generation tools to add foliage, lakes and streams, and turn vectors into realistic roads and highways. Critigen can even add sun, moon, stars and shading to show your project as it is now, as it was in the past, or as it will be in the future.

Critigen 3D Visualization can easily be added to any GIS or CAD-based project. Our visualization experts regularly work GIS analysis and 3D Visualization projects in a variety of industries and bring an understanding of regulatory and public approval processes and domain understanding in those industries.

  • CyberCity 3DTransportation & Aviation
  • Energy Facilities and Transport
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Local Government
  • Defense Infrastructure

Because of Critigen’s industry expertise, Many clients have come to rely on Critigen to ensure their organizations evolve with spatial technology and capture the greatest business value from their spatial IT.

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