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Find-A-Control App

Find-A-Control allows surveyors, field personnel, and interested citizens to access National Geodetic Survey (NGS) survey control information through a mobile device. The NGS serves as the United States’ repository for geodetic data and provides the public with information on geodetic control stations maintained by the NGS within the United States and trust territories. Further information on the data used in Find-A-Control can be found on the NGS website at

Enabling field personnel to easily access NGS data on-the-go through their mobile devices, Find-A-Control eliminates trips to a connected location when control cannot be found. Find-A-Control provides users the ability to quickly and efficiently view survey control stations on a map, identify the quality and type of stations, and view NGS datasheets that summarize key geodetic information stored in the NGS database.

Solution Overview

  • Identify Control
    Identify Control
    View NGS survey control stations for various station types and networks.
  • Adjust map content
    Adjust map content
    Toggle on/off station types or switch between basemaps.
  • Search for control
    Search for control
    Search by county name and zoom-to location.
  • View Control Details
    View Control Details
    View NGS Data Sheets summarizing key geodetic information.


  • View NGS survey control stations in a map viewer
  • Toggle on/off layers used to identify station quality/type; e.g., horizontal, vertical, combined, low quality and Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) Network
  • Switch easily between Streets or Imagery basemaps
  • Search by county
  • Zoom to current location
  • View station summary information with map callouts
  • Direct access to NGS datasheets that summarize key geodetic information

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Find-A-Control is flexible, allowing the tool to be designed to work for you, your project, and your data. It can be customized to fit specific roles and enables solutions that are directly tailored to your needs. Critigen will work with you to integrate key project parameters and data into the Find-A-Control platform so your app is designed specifically for your project needs, your data, and your workflows.

With licensed staff surveyors and a diverse cadre of software developers, Critigen can support the full lifecycle of control management. Critigen’s team of survey analysts and geospatial experts can work with you to develop custom datasets from your own data and local data sources. Critigen can also develop desktop or web-based tools to manage and maintain your survey control data and then host this data in a secure environment. Finally, Critigen offers training services for the use of office and mobile solutions to ensure successful collection and implementation of the data.