Solar Map - Standard Edition

  • Solar Map - Standard Edition

Solar Map - Standard Edition

The Critigen Solar Map–Standard Edition directly engages a municipality's citizens with a tool for making informed solar energy decisions. The powerful functionality of the Critigen Solar Map–Standard Edition makes it the single resource for consumers to understand and appreciate the potential of solar energy at their home or business:

  • View solar potential for every structure in a jurisdiction
  • Calculate energy savings and set consumers' financial expectations
  • Understand the impact of shading on solar panel placement for rooftop or ground-based installations
  • Coalesce financial, technical and aesthetic information for any address to make informed decisions

Critigen Solar Maps help communities:

  • Drive solar adoption by raising awareness of solar technology, economics, and assistance programs,
  • Engage citizenry with visual, personalized information for their home or business, and
  • Enable green industry in communities by supporting installers with localized tools and accurate analysis.

Critigen Solar Map–Standard Edition is an easy-to-use yet highly functional tool that deploys quickly, with minimal data and time requirements. Encouraging expanded solar energy adoption, the Solar Map–Standard Edition includes local, state and federal incentive information, as well as links to specific resource websites.

Solution Overview

  • Landing Page
    Landing Page
    The Landing Page greets the user with easily understood information about how to successfully use the Solar Map. A jurisdiction can also use the Landing Page as an additional tool for public outreach, informing its citizens about its solar and other sustainable energy programs.
  • The Solar Map
    The Solar Map
    To help citizens understand the jurisdiction-specific nature of the custom analysis, each Solar Map is customized with local images and colors. The map consists of three main tabs: Solar Calculator, Solar News, and Solar Information. The Solar News and Information tabs reinforce the relevance of the information provided to the local area. These host information related to incentives or other special programs in their area and are controlled directly by the local jurisdiction.
  • Solar Calculator
    Solar Calculator
    The Calculator tab takes a user directly to a residential or business address using a standard address search. To aid in visualization, visitors can toggle the Solar Layer on and off or adjust its transparency. To perform a calculation, the user simply draws the estimated Photovoltaic (PV) Install area on the building's roof.
  • Solar Calculator Results
    Solar Calculator Results
    Solar Calculator results provide a detailed summary of energy production estimates, costs, and savings. Users can view the monthly breakdown of solar energy (kWh) for their calculation and, to determine how they can further optimize a PV system, adjust inputs on the fly. The user receives recalculated results by adjusting the installation area or other information.

Key Components of the Critigen Solar Map–Standard Edition:

  • An advanced solar shading model, driven by 3D source data, that takes into account neighboring vegetation, buildings and topology
  • A modern, streamlined appearance and interface
  • Powerful data and map services that can be integrated with existing GIS investments
  • Fast deployment and no-hassle management provided by an annual subscription that includes web hosting
  • Extends the Esri State & Local Government Information Model

Leading Solar Map Company

Critigen has delivered more solar maps than any other company, helping Cities, Counties and Defense installations maximize their ROI on Solar Power and drive solar adoption.  These Cities and others have selected Critigen as their solar map vendor:

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Madison, WI
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington DC

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Ty van den Akker
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