Solar Mapping

  • Solar Site Assessments

Solar Site Assessments

Critigen Solar Site Assessments provide essential due diligence analytics for large rooftop solar PV systems. Solar Site Assessments graphically depict solar energy production on the roof and show where the "hotspots" for solar are, helping building owners visualize and understand their investment. Critigen's process is performed remotely and saves dispersed organizations time and money, efficiently helping them understand where their solar dollars are best spent.

Critigen leverages its Solar Mapping technology to model the most important factors in solar PV production:

  • Solar access
  • Solar shading
  • Rooftop azimuth and pitch
  • Fire codes and setback laws
  • Local meteorological variables

Facility Solar Assessments

Since 2008, Critigen has been helping its clients understand and confidently purchase large rooftop solar systems by providing Solar Site Assessment reports. Our reports are trusted, third-party assessments that help you invest with confidence in solar energy. Solar Site Assessments provide the due diligence necessary to ensure appropriate expectations of proposed large rooftop solar PV systems. This detailed information on rooftop solar capacity and solar shading supports informed negotiation and fact checking with contractors to make sure your investment in solar energy will meet your objectives. See our Marine Corps Case Study for one example of how a Critigen Solar Site Assessment avoided more than $60,000 in unneeded system cost.

Service Offerings

Solution Overview

  • Solar Shading
    Solar Shading
    Critigen leverages its Solar Shading Model to determine the "hotspots" for solar on the rooftop. The Model takes into account neighboring trees, buildings, topology, and rooftop objects to accurately model solar radiation levels through the year.
  • Visualization
    Reports help you visualize solar potential on your roof by highlighting the areas with the most solar potential. Seeing the solar potential makes it clear where contractors should be focusing their efforts and can confirm their designs.
  • One Site or Many
    One Site or Many
    Solar Site Assessments efficiently assess one or many buildings for solar PV potential. Dispersed organizations can leverage Critigen’s technology to determine the best rooftops for solar without expensive training and personnel time required to physically assess each building.
  • Rooftop Analysis
    Rooftop Analysis
    Rooftops are assessed for critical parameters to solar PV energy production and installation. Pitch, azimuth, shading, and more are accounted for in the analysis. Final building production values are determined through the aggregation of all the unique roof areas for the most accurate assessment possible.

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Ty van den Akker, VP Product Strategy & Business Development
Ty van den Akker
VP Product Strategy & Business Development