Critigen SAP-GIS Integration

An effective GIS integration strategy is responsive to the overall enterprise business needs and drives tangible business process improvements.

Oil and Gas, Pipeline and Transmission Solutions

A complex regulatory environment and aging infrastructure cost oil and gas industry billions of dollars each year. Frequent pipeline acquisition and divestiture, and the challenges of managing multiple employees and contractors during pipeline construction and maintenance, are major contributors to these costs. Critigen’s unique set of solutions and services for the oil and gas industry has...

Critigen is SAP's Trusted Spatial Systems Integrator

Spatially-Enabled SAP Business Processes with GIS Integration Imagine enabling business users to connect the location of assets and the rich geospatial information contained in your GIS to asset condition and maintenance information in SAP.  Your field workers can use an interactive map to visualize work they’ve been assigned and see surrounding assets and work history. ...

Health Indicators App

Health Indicators is an easy-to-use dashboard app that transforms complex health data into geographically relevant, timely, and navigable information. Health care executives and professionals can view various health-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a single screen in an intuitive map-based interface. The app facilitates rapid analysis by presenting graphical views of data that can be...

SAP Based Mobile Solutions

Spec Sheet
In order to optimally manage geographic assets, organizations have realized a modern mobile solution deployment must include a map-based user interface that seamlessly combines data from EAM systems with data from geographic information systems (GIS).


Spec Sheet
SAP GEO.e is an Engineered Service provided by SAP and it stands for the GEOgraphical Enablement of SAP.

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Visual Pipeline

Significantly decrease your pipeline data management costs and time to market with Critigen's Visual Pipeline—Standard Edition, an easy-to-use solution providing for electronic collection, management, and reporting of data. Supporting pipeline field asset planning, permitting, and construction management, Visual Pipeline expedites regulatory reviews for permitting by 10 times compared to...

SAP-Based Mobile Solutions

Efficiently managing and maintaining geographically dispersed assets is a standing challenge in many industries. Whether it’s overhead lines, underground pipes, roads, or substations; the management of these physical assets consume a considerable share of operating budgets. The business value of a geo-enabled mobile solutions is more efficient processes and better decision-making through...

SAP HANA Solutions

Analytics All businesses operate within a geographic context and many business processes are highly influenced by geo attributes of data. Organizations are seeking to mash-up their business data with business process relevant data from sensor networks and other systems to create efficiencies through automation and better decision-making. There are spatial patterns inherent in Big Data that can...