City of San Diego Selects Lemur™ to Deliver GIS Asset Data and Location to Mobile Work Teams

Lemur™ has the ability to provide a full GIS experience to field workers while offline and to centrally-manage offline GIS data were key factors in selecting Lemur™. Critigen, the global leader in unifying GIS and SAP data, today announced the City of San Diego (CoSD) as the most recent licensee of its Lemur™ Platform.  The City will use Lemur™ to put essential asset data and location...

Mobile GIS-SAP Platform at Hydro One

Case Study
By integrating best in class technologies, Hydro One replaced 40+ paper forms, modernized scheduling methods and gave linemen real-time access to up-to-date SAP data and GIS maps. Linemen drive time was reduced each day, reducing costly windshield time. Using Lemur™ to automate the extent and frequency of map cache updates lowered the demand load on server architecture. There was a...

SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM )

We hope to see you there, please come by and say “hi.” Or, to set up a meeting, please contact Dianna Herbst.

Transform Your Organization Through the Integration of SAP and GIS

We hope to see you there, please come by and say “hi.” Or, to set up a meeting, please contact Dianna Herbst.

SAP + Esri Spatial Hackathon Critigen will be participating in the hackathon! Come watch our talented team hack away!


The wellbeing of a community or business depends on the availability of energy and water. Delivering these services to customers reliably and at reasonable rates requires a healthy infrastructure. Let Critigen give your utility a health checkup to ensure it is performing optimally, and avoid surprises. Electric Every minute your customers are without power reduces revenue and upsets...

Oil and Gas

Knowing where your assets are, is as important as knowing their condition. Critigen integrates location into your business processes, giving you the operational intelligence you need to catch problems before they start. Critigen also utilizes your sensor data with GIS to visualize asset performance, allowing you to quickly pinpoint problems when they do happen. By adding the “where” piece to...