Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year!

Accepting Geospatial World Leadership Award
Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year

Geospatial Solutions Company of the YearWe don’t blog to toot our own horn, but we readily acknowledge this one comes close as we thank Geospatial Media and Communications for naming Critigen Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year for 2012.


Critigen Named Geospatial Solutions Company of The Year

Geospatial World Leadership Award
Geospatial World Leadership Award Citation

Geospatial Media and Communications Named Critigen Geospatial Solutions Company at the Geospatial World Forum

Population Change Near Nuclear Power Plants

Population Change Webmap
Population Change Webmap
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

Population Change WebmapOn March 11, 2013 we passed the two year anniversary of the devastating Japan earthquake and subsequent meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi. The lessons learned from this tragic event are long and sobering to anyone who cares to read about it. An article in my local newspaper caught my eye, though.


Protecting Bighorn Sheep with Repeatable GIS Analysis

Protecting Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep Range GIS
Bighorn Sheep Range GIS Analysis Tool

Protecting Bighorn SheepBighorn sheep are timeless symbols of the Wild West, but their numbers have plummeted to just 8% of their peak population. Surprisingly, a significant cause of this decline is disease transmitted from domestic sheep. To mitigate disease spread, US federal land management agencies and state wildlife managers have discouraged shared use of ranges by bighorn and domestic sheep.

Critigen Announces Business Partner Agreement with Trimble for Geospatial Industry Solutions


Critigen to Enhance Trimble Mapping/GIS Technology with Critigen Geospatial Services for Energy, Utility and Government customers.


Making Sense of Health Data II - Medicare Mapper

Medicare Facility Comparison Map

How many Medicare $$ were spent in that zip code?

This is just one of the questions answered quickly and visually with Medicare Mapper. Perhaps you are a hospital administrator that wants a quick view of where your patients come from.  Or a CMS official that needs to compare zip code expenditures of Medicare dollars in order to plan for better management and oversight. Or you could be a citizen who plans to relocate and want to know where you can go for the best service as a Medicare beneficiary.

Medicare Mapper Now Available in the App Store

Medicare Mapper
Medicare Mapper
Medicare Mapper

Free application enables analysis to ZIP code level of nearly one million record data set

What is Location Analytics?

Maps for IBM Cognos

Maps for IBM CognosLocation Analytics is the ability to gain business insight from the location (geographic) component of business data. Multiple types of business insight are possible as well as multiple ways of obtaining the insight.


Critigen Expands Relationship with Remedy Engineering

Remedy Engineering

Delivering environmental data management consulting and operations services

Critigen’s SharePoint Implementation Expertise Recognized by Microsoft

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner – Silver Collaboration and Content Competency status recognizes Critigen’s expertise in SharePoint Implementation