Optimize Asset Performance through a Mobile Maintenance Workforce

Every company, either big or small has to maintain their assets and infrastructure up to date in order
to keep their business engine moving without any downtime. However, there are some asset intensive
industries where asset management becomes a critical issue. Some industries in this sector include
mining, oil & gas, energy, utilities, rail and transit. They share a typical set of challenges that need to
be addressed to enhance their operational performance, productivity, reliability and profitability.

Critigen Develops Web-Based Tool for Complex Fish Habitat Modeling

USFWS Downstream Strategy Screen Cap

Denver-based spatial solutions consultant Critigen, working with Downstream Strategies, has developed a web-based mapping tool for modeling fish habitat based on hundreds of different habitat variables. The Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool was developed through a public/private partnership lead by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and is based on modeling work and initial development performed by Downstream Strategies and West Virginia University.

Innovapptive, Critigen Announce Technology Partnership

Innovapptive and Critigen Announce Technology Partnership to Enable Geospatial System Integration Across Their Enterprise Asset Management Portfolio

Innovapptive Inc., a leading provider of SAP® Mobile and User experience software and solutions, and Critigen, a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator, today announced a technology partnership in geospatial integration and mobility to deliver market-leading technologies for enterprises looking to help SAP customers take advantage of geospatial system integration capabilities.

Mike Housby


VP & Enterprise Spatial Solutions, UK