Improving Business Performance

through spatial visualization & analytics

We Are A

Leading Provider of GIS Services

Our geospatial solutions unlock value and efficiency by enabling new insight.

Critigen has technical depth and breadth of experience that are unique in the industry. We can help you by improving your business performance with GIS spatial visualization and analytics. Our analysts, developers and architects have solved complex problems for customers like you.

Map Applications
Lemur is more than a map. With the Lemur platform, you can deliver GIS and work information in the same app, on the same map, and launch workflows from a map-based interface.
Our track record integrating geospatial technologies with critical business systems is unmatched. We relish the opportunity to bring elegant solutions to complex enterprise integrations.
It all starts with data and we can help collect, curate, analyze and visualize data across a variety of specialized disciplines. Our drone capabilities and big data expertise can take you to the leading edge.
We develop apps big and small. From focused apps targeted to a narrow band of functional requirements to cloud-based SaaS platforms at web scale. We develop apps and systems for enterprise and consumer users.
Our ability to partner with clients to deliver large geospatial program is unique. We can muster top talent, organize dynamic teams and manage a program to strict requirements.
We have helped clients implement GIS for the first time, modernize their GIS infrastructure and implement breakthrough applications that take their business up a notch.
At Critigen

We Believe Our People Are Our Greatest Asset


We team with our clients like no other to enable geospatial capabilities designed to meet their business needs. Our solutions deliver value. Our solutions deliver quality. Our solutions deliver.

Critigen strives to be a leader in our industry by emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our company believes that our employees should feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work each day.  Our organization will be consistently focused on valuing the strengths and varied viewpoints that each person possesses.


Chances are, we’ve helped one of our clients with a problem like yours. We hope our case studies illuminate the ways we’ve solved problems for clients using geospatial technologies and help generate ideas for how we can work with you to solve yours.

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