14 Jun: Mapbox Locate 2018

The first ever Locate conference was one of those where I will be happy to claim, “I was there!“ It was one of the most forward looking geospatial conferences that I’ve ever attended and left several big impressions.


11 Jun: Seafood Fest Hackathon

It’s that time of the year for us: gearing up towards the annual Ballard Seafood Fest! We are proud of the communities we live in and love helping local organizations leverage geospatial technologies. Every year we collaborate with Ballard Alliance to create the Seafood Fest’s interactive mapping experience

14 May: 3 Reasons the Back Office Needs Mobile GIS

Field GIS done well improves the bottom line.  It improves data quality and worker productivity in the back office as well as for field users. Following-up to my popular post Maintenance Crews Need Mobile GIS that focused on how field crews benefit from mobile GIS, this article looks at how the organization - management, IT, and back office processes - benefit from mobile GIS.

26 Apr: Maintenance Crews Need Mobile GIS

More properly, they need the information and visuals from GIS to do their job faster, safer and more accurately. Past concerns of device capabilities, connectivity, and usability of mobile GIS have been solved, so let's take a minute to look at how field teams benefit from integrated mobile GIS capabilities.