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Lemur for GIS Mapping in SAP Work Manager

Critigen’s recently announced LEMUR platform for mapping in mobile apps provides great value for SAP Work Manager users and for the IT departments that support them.  LEMUR provides the ultimate solution for discerning customers to deliver a high-fidelity, interactive GIS mapping experience to their field users.  LEMUR automatically connects the asset data stored in GIS to the related asset data stored in SAP.

Built on Esri ArcGIS technology, LEMUR (Lightweight Enterprise Maps Using RESTful services) can be fully integrated into SAP Work Manager and should be used when:

  • Offline GIS is important, AND any of the following apply:
    • You have more than about 10 field users
    • Your territory is divided into multiple districts
    • Consistent performance of your enterprise GIS servers is essential to other users
    • Device storage usage is a concern
  • Centralized management of GIS data distribution and caching is important
  • Data attributes from GIS should be added to SAP-sourced attributes when shown on the map
  • Similar maps are needed in another SAP Work Manager app or other application, or you want to use it with future versions of SAP Work Manager
  • You expect to periodically modify the map or add functionality but don’t want to change code or redeploy to each device.

Gas, Electric, and Water utilities, and local governments are using LEMUR to provide information stored in the corporate GIS to their field maintenance, inspection and asset management teams.  Asset and work information are stored in SAP Business Suite Plant Maintenance (PM) module or SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (S/4HANA), but essential engineering and operational data is stored in the enterprise GIS.  Since Lemur is a control that can be loaded inside of any application, customers can select best-of-breed components, or mix and match components to deliver an ideal solution to their field users.

  • Use SAP Work Manager with complete LEMUR implementation providing easily configured and quickly deployed maps that field teams can use as primary interface.
  • Use out of the box SAP Work Manager map control augmented with LEMUR Geocache subscription to scale offline usage to hundreds or thousands of users and to large geographies.
  • Use LEMUR’s cloud based and rules-driven geoenrichement service to geocode work orders, notifications, functional locations, operations or other business objects, and use LEMUR Geocache to facilitate centralized management of GIS data caching and distribution.
  • Connect LEMUR’s geoenrichment service to SAP Geographical Enablement Framework (GEF) to leverage your GEF implementation and get all the configurability and offline capabilities of LEMUR.

Lemur can plug into your existing environment seamlessly either as an on-premises solution or using cloud-hosted services.  In either scenario, you will be able to connect to most GIS environments, including ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online.  Lemur consists of a native Esri map control that simply replaces the out of the box map in SAP Work Manager, and also a suite of services: Genenrichment services, Geocaching services, and Bundler services to configure them.

Lemur saves customers money by reducing error rates in field maintenance records, simplifying tools, reducing training costs, and ensuring field users can find the information they need to complete work efficiently and on the first visit.  IT departments also benefit from rapid cloud deployment options, easy upgrades, a common geospatial platform, and central management of GIS caching.

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