NYC DoITT GIS Contract

The City of New York through its Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (“DoITT”) has awarded Critigen a Master Services Agreement to provide Geographic Information Technologies and Services (GIS Services), also referred to as geospatial technologies and services, on an as-needed citywide basis.

The term of the contract is for three (3) years, starting 9/22/2012 and ending 09/21/2015, with two (2) additional one-year renewal option terms. The NYC DoITT project manager for this contract is Michael Williams, Director of Vendor Administration, and coordinates all activities of this contract.

Any office or department of New York City (a “Requesting Agency”) may use this Agreement to enter into a Task Order with Contractor, in accordance with and subject to the procedures and terms and conditions set forth in the MSA.

Contracting Process

DoITT, on behalf of a Requesting Agency, will submit a Service Request to all the Contractors in the GIS Services vendor pool. A Service Request will include all information New York City believes necessary and appropriate to provide, including an indication of whether the Contractor’s assigned staff will require security clearances and/or confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements and the Contractor’s procurement role for the project. A Service Request will indicate the due date for the receipt of Project Proposals, and any pre-proposal conferences. New York City will provide the same information to all of the Contractors. DoITT may conduct a joint pre-solicitation meeting and answer any questions that may be received by the City after the meeting as necessary. A Service Request will also indicate the evaluation criteria and their respective weights to be used by the Requesting Agency in selecting a Contractor for the assignment.

Program/Contract Manager: Mr. Bruce Buxton, +1.717.439.1678