Critigen serves non-government organizations, not-for-profits, private and public donors to implement technology solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness by which our partner organizations achieve their missions.


Our solutions address a variety of needs ranging from operational visibility into ongoing actions, strategic view into investments and where they can have the most impact, and where immediate needs exist in post disaster conditions. We work directly with folks on the ground as well as through local partners and ensure that we transfer knowledge that enables long term sustainability of our solutions.

  • Field data collection solutions that are context-sensitive to the cultural and physical conditions.
  • Mapping at human scale to better identify where needs exist and the best solutions to address them.
  • Capacity building and tech transfer to help ensure our solutions are sustainable.
  • Open approaches to data and systems development so value accrues to the community.
  • Expertise with global-scale data sets bringing big data to address big problems.
  • Proven methods for exploiting social media data and harnessing the activities of the crowd for good.
  • Ability to leverage machine learning and AI as a force multiplier for large, difficult tasks.
  • Experience operating in challenging social, political and physical environments at the edge.

We have experience designing and building systems that must work in austere environments, where power and internet connectivity are scarce or unreliable. We implement systems that work well offline or within bandwidth constraints and are sensitive to local context, capacities and literacy levels.


Our experience tells us that success depends on tech transfer and building local capacity. Through our network of local ICT providers and subject matter experts, we establish the supports required to take ownership of our product and enhance them for future use. Our local networks are further reinforced by international partners that specialize in capacity building.

Case studies


The mission of the Ethiopian ATA is to accelerate the growth and transformation of the agriculture sector. Their mandate is focused solely on improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across the country. Without maps, they wouldn’t know where to start.

The Government of Ethiopia is working to transform its Agriculture Sector in order to increase food security for its people and ultimately become a breadbasket for Africa and the World. They had little visibility into where investments were being made, both by the Government itself and the International Donor Community with whom they are partnering to realize their development goals. In addition, they lacked a comprehensive picture for where institutional capacity, infrastructure supports and natural endowments exist to comprise the conditions for success.


Critigen is working with Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) on an agricultural investment mapping initiative and a portfolio mapping tool. Using the Portfolio Mapping Tool, users can browse, map, add, edit, and share projects without being GIS experts – empowering everyone to improve strategies and partner for greater impact. The PMT enables users to browse and map parallel projects alone or alongside similar ventures. The tool provides easy access to geographic information such as precipitation, travel time, and crop yields – providing new context for decision-making.

Critigen has experience delivering in challenging environments where connectivity and local capacity may be lacking.

Critigen has developed a set of open source platforms that can be leveraged for low cost solutions to specific mapping-related problems.

Critigen is well versed in international standards, methods and critical success factors for delivering solutions for the international development and relief communities.