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InfoPros is excited to announce a joint effort with Critigen to develop online documentation and a website for the Lemur™ platform. Lemur is a configurable mapping platform bringing enterprise-class GIS mapping to existing and custom work management tools. The business-centric mapping is the linking of business data and GIS data to provide workers the information they need, when and where they need it, all on a map.

Critigen, an ongoing partner of InfoPros, asked the InfoPros team to help devise a way to make their API documentation, SDK documentation, microsite, and other content readily available to developers, customers, and partners. InfoPros recommended and developed a microsite and website with a mix of standard online documentation and automatically generated documentation. The API documentation is generated from the source code, and the SDK documentation and other content is written by InfoPros technical writers. When Lemur API documentation is updated, the website automatically reflects the update.

The new Lemur microsite (https://www.lemurplatform.com) is going live July 10th and the documentation site and more platform support is to be released this quarter. Lemur is available for use in a number of real-world scenarios and the updates will make it even easier for developers to integrate with the software.

The ongoing partnership between InfoPros and Critigen began just a year ago, but in this short period of time InfoPros has worked closely with the Critigen staff to help them deploy the best documentation solutions for their developers, customers, and partners. InfoPros has been serving the documentation and course development needs of its clients since 1994. When you partner with InfoPros, you benefit from the knowledge, experience, and resources InfoPros has gained from successfully supporting the diverse needs of its clients. Contact InfoPros today, and learn more about documentation websites.

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