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Critigen’s GEO.e Readiness Assessment

What is SAP GEO.e?

Imagine bringing location awareness to SAP applications and enabling business users to start processes, visualize, filter and search for objects on a map. SAP GEO.e is an Engineered Service provided by SAP and it stands for the GEOgraphical Enablement of SAP. The service provides for spatially-enabled business processes in SAP Business Suite with seamless integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


The business value of a geo-enabled SAP landscape is more efficient processes and better decision-making through the understanding of location and spatial relationships. Furthermore, the seamless availability of integrated information from multiple enterprise systems, including GIS, to employees working in the office or in the field decreases the operational risk and increases compliance.


Already a trusted Esri Platinum partner, Critigen has become a trusted GIS systems integrator for SAP and an implementation partner for SAP GEO.e. Critigen has been supporting utilities, oil & gas companies, DOTs and other government organizations with geospatial services for over 20 years. As a result, our firm has deep geospatial domain expertise, as well as expertise integrating enterprise GIS with the SAP platform to include SAP CRM, EAM and LAM.


Why do I need an SAP GEO.e Readiness Assessment?

Business systems such as ERP and CRM are categorized as tier-1 systems with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around up-time, data stewardship, user access controls, etc… While the business reasons to tightly couple business process relevant data from GIS to such a tier-1 business system are compelling, it is important to mitigate execution risks by developing a clear understanding of the required project scope, leverage best practices, and develop an accurate effort estimation during the planning phase of a project.


Critigen’s GEO.e Readiness Assessment will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to implement SAP GEO.e within your organization. Key objectives of this assessment include:

  1. Align cross organizational processes – prepare for change across departments and achieve organizational buy-in to reach broader business objectives
  2. Evaluate your GIS technology readiness – reduce the potential for hardware & software technology shortcomings
  3. Safeguard GIS data quality into SAP – ensures that the applicable data objects within SAP and geospatial data in GIS is aligned with sufficient quality to run the business
What will the SAP GEO.e Readiness provide my organization?

Our GEO.e Readiness Assessment is your guide for setting up a successful GEO.e implementation project because it evaluates and assesses your organization’s geospatial readiness with respect to the supporting people, process, infrastructure and data that are required for the GEO.e solution.

  • Pre-visit customer questionnaire
  • 2-day onsite interviews with your key GIS stakeholders
  • Technical assessment of your existing GIS hardware & software
  • Evaluate GIS data management and quality processes specific to GEO.e
  • Final report on the readiness of your GIS in support of an upcoming GEO.e implementation
  • 1-day onsite presentation to the SAP GEO.e business stakeholders of our findings and recommendations


How long will the SAP GEO.e Readiness Assessment take and what is the cost?

A typical SAP GEO.e Readiness Assessment can be completed within a two to three week time period at a flat fee.


      Creation of Notifications and Work Orders out of a map


Linear business objects in SAP with GEO.e


From standard reports you can switch to show the search result on a map


GEO.e for RE-FX mashing SAP data with other spatial reference layers (e.g. demographic statistics)