This Week The Gray Beard Welcomes

Tim Nolan

Photo of Tim Nolan

Tim Nolan

IT Applications Manager, Collin County, TX

Re-branding GIS

This week The Gray Beard is proud to welcome Tim Nolan. Tim did not disappoint in his appearance on The Gray Beard Talks Geospatial. In this interview, Tim demonstrates how his tenure and leadership with Collin County, Texas, has nurtured the County’s spatial services. Not only that, he has also grown the staff with respect and mentorship.

As Tim continues to advocate for breaking down silos of data and advocating for the relevance of location in all types of organizational analysis, he continues to influence many geospatial professionals across the entire professional spectrum.

GIS in Government

State and local governments rely on geospatial information to maintain their assets and deliver services to citizens. Critigen ensures your geospatial data is there – when and wherever needed.

Speaking of Career Development

We are proud to announce that our colleague Jeremy Conner has been elected Vice President of the GIS Association of Alabama.