The Lemur Connector for Innovapptive mWorkOrder provides Esri GIS capabilities to mWorkOrder users from their Work Orders, Operations, Notifications, Equipment, and Functional Locations. Field workers open Lemur directly to the location of the work and initiate actions in mWorkOrder directly from the assets or SAP objects shown on the map.

Speed up construction-to-as-built record time

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Correct data in the field & improve enterprise data quality

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Reduce errors in performing and recording work

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Ensure adoption & minimize training

Mobile GIS Access Drives ROI

Field workers aren’t GISers, but they need the information in your GIS to provide accurate, safe, and efficient service.

Lemur provides field workers “zero-training” access to your existing GIS and to geospatial workflows like redlining and as-builting.

This means less time wasted in the field finding information, less backoffice support time, better data sent from the field to the enterprise, and faster, safer resolutions.

Integration with mWorkOrder

Integration with mWorkOrder provides the best of all worlds. You get world-class GIS and a world-class field service app. Tight integration makes navigation between Field Service and GIS tasks simple and intuitive.

Work order, Equipment and other SAP Objects in mWorkOrder can be seen in Lemur from the filtered dashboard view in mWorkOrder.  Field workers see all their work orders together on the map to help them make optimal decisions.

Workers launch spatial actions like sketch, redline and as-built, from Work orders and GIS features.  Work actions can be launched from the map, but completed in mWorkOrder’s native screens to ensure data integrity and eliminate the need for redundant login, logic, and ensure a consistent user experience.

Lemur Enhances mWorkOrder

Whether you’re online or offline, Lemur adds these capabilities to mWorkOrder in a blazing fast map experience.

  • Locate correct assets​ quickly
  • Understand asset connectivity & interdependency​
  • Look up asset characteristics​
  • Record work and defect locations​
  • Sketch, redline, markup, and create clear as-built drawings fast​
Screenshot of mobile GIS app, Lemur, in use on an iPad.
Photo of electric poles representing how electic companies can use mobile GIS app, Lemur.

High Value GIS

Lemur is optimized for large deployments, offline requirements, rapid implementation, and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

This world-class GIS mobile app can save 3-5% on field service costs. For many organizations, that can quickly add up to millions. Lemur also provides additional benefits to data quality and back office processes.


Lemur integrates your current ecosystem and ensures security:

  • Central control over distribution of GIS data
  • Encrypted communication
  • Integrated authentication
Photo of pipes representing how gas companies can use mobile GIS app, Lemur.