Talented geospatial software engineers don’t grow on trees. We’ve tried.

Critigen partners with startup and established commercial companies to deliver high quality design, innovative features and scalable solution architectures. We have worked as a dedicated team on retainer, in staff augmentation mode, and in a traditional project basis. Our solutions have ranged from tools that improve internal process and work flows to consumer-focused mobile apps with backend architectures that can massively scale.

Leave the bird hunting to us.


Our bench size allows us to provide specialists at FTE increments of just what the need or packs of developers to push through a large delivery effort. Our goal is to provide a turnkey service that provides the skills in the quantity they are needed, when they are needed, where they are needed and for as long as they are needed.


Starting up a business can be a challenge. In early stages, building a team while building a market can be overwhelming. We can help as your initial team transitioning to in house resources over time. We’ll establish the kind of best practices for delivery, dev ops and teamwork that will make the transition a seamless success.

Success stories


A client was looking to build a mobile app that empowers aspiring and practicing physicians to explore medical schools, residency, and practice locations across the country and discover WHERE is best. They needed an engaging app design and a cloud-based backend infrastructure that could automatically scale to handle more than 10,000 concurrent users.

Critigen provided a software engineering team that included a native mobile developer, a dev/ops engineer and a data scientist. The team built a national database that includes information for every medical school and hospital as well as for more than 15,000 neighborhoods and associated media content. The app supported medical students deciding where to attend medical school, apply for residency, or enter practice to make informed location-based decisions by providing answers to questions like: where are the best places to pay back my student loans?; where will my pay go furthest?; where are the best places for my residency and for my life?; where do I fit best? Getting answers to these questions has a big influence on their chances for success and happiness.

Critigen has experience delivering in the fast-paced startup environment.

Critigen has extensive experience in designing scalable architectures delivered via the web.

Critigen knows how to build custom mobile apps that reflect the unique experience that differentiate our clients’ offerings.